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Church at 120 Idletime Drive, Greeneville, TN 37743

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  • I have been coming to this community center for some time now. Today I received my three boxes of food items and was surprised to receive the coffee filters, I use them for my Kombucha making. I have been well pleased with the foods given me, but we have a problem now. 2 months ago I received food from the Food Bank Ministry, and most the canned good are a 'product of China'. I am finding this is creeping into every hand out there is here in 37743. Today it is 3 cans, I will not consume this food. I opened a can 2 months ago, was terrible and I read he label. Then I tried to give my cat some tuna, she rejected it, so I made a sandwich with the rest of the can, I could not eat it. I do a lot of research on my computer, and people have bought this tuna in a local market and it is bad. I am am writing this because I feel that if I am go give in love, then it means that everything is according to GOD's standards, and in these troubling times, the devil will use any way to get into our 'gates' and my mouth gate is my nourishment gate, and I can go a long ways with nutrition, looking at all the people who are in line to receive, and those in nursing homes where I have worked. My church, River of Tri-cities, is just starting their food ministry in Johnson City, and I have spoken to Dr. Todd, and a couple close friends about this. Apathy on any level does not set well with me. I have said, it is at home in prayer that I will attack the devil in his schemes....others are doing the same. I know, you have your sign up in the center that explains about the food, I am just saying, we need to be in prayer this stops. I have written to the President, sent him the labels and high lighted his letter to every one who receives a box. I am attacking this on all levels..but you have to understand, I am most thankful for your giving me food to maintain me monthly...and for assisting me with my power bill! I love you all and have to tell you my feelings, Nancy Cole

    Added November 10, 2020 by Nancy Cole
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